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Work Conditioning: Exercise Rehabilitation for the Management of Persisting Pain (WorkCover & CTP)

Our programs aim to integrate the latest evidence into practice specific to the management of persistent or chronic pain.

Our programs involve an integration of pain education, graded exercise therapy and cognitive behavioural principles. Our focus is on improving our clients pain self-efficacy; providing practical tools and strategies on how to work with and approach pain and combine this with structured exercise therapy working on improving function and facilitating return to work and other meaningful activities. We take a biopsychosocial approach and integrate evidence based cognitive behavioural principles into our programs.

Programs are suitable for individuals with chronic or persistent pain including neck, lower back, upper limb, widespread, multiple pain sites and complex regional pain syndrome.

Expected outcomes;

  • improve clients understanding of the physiology of pain and multiple contributing factors
  • improve clients pain self-efficacy including how to work with pain to assist with activity re-engagement
  • improve activity confidence and upgrade function specific to work, ADL’s and other meaningful activities
  • equip clients with the practical tools and strategies to self-manage pain and activity long-term
  • achieve return to work goals

Who can refer?

  • GP, specialist, allied health, employer, insurer or rehabilitation provider.

A letter of referral can be made directly by GP or specialist or complete our PDF or online referral form  Refer Someone

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